Mr. Musette




The Moon and the Sun –  Spirit Colors: Orange and Yellow / Flowers: Sunflower and Moonflower

Aries – ambitious, independent and impatient. / Element: Fire / Ruling Planet: Mars / Spirit Color: Red / Lucky Gem: Diamond / Flower: Thistle

Taurus: dependable, strong, sensual and creative. / Element: Earth / Ruling Planet: Venus / Spirit Color: Pink / Lucky Gem: Emerald / Flower: Rose

Gemini: versatile, expressive, curious and kind. / Element: Air / Ruling Planet: Mercury / Spirit Color: Yellow / Lucky Gem: Tiger’s Eye and Emerald / Flower: Lavender and Lilly of the Valley

Cancer: intuitive, sentimental, compassionate and protective. / Element: Water / Ruling Planet: Moon / Spirit Color: Violet / Lucky Gem: Ruby, pearl / Flower: Orchid

Leo: dramatic, outgoing, fiery and self-assured. / Element: Fire / Ruling Planet: Sun / Spirit Color: Gold / Lucky Gem: Carnelian  / Flower: Sunflower

Virgo: practical, loyal, gentle and analytical. / Element: Earth / Ruling Planet: Mercury / Spirit Color: Silver / Lucky Gem: Peridot / Flower: Marigold

Libra: diplomatic, artistic and intelligent. / Element: Air / Ruling Planet: Venus / Spirit Color: Blue / Lucky Gem: Sapphire / Flower: Rose

Scorpio: passionate, stubborn, resourceful and brave. / Element: Water / Ruling Planet: Pluto and Mars / Spirit Color: Black / Lucky Gem: Topaz and opal / Flower: Hibiscus

Sagittarius: extroverted, optimistic, funny and generous. / Element: Fire / Ruling Planet: Jupiter/ Spirit Color: Light Blue / Lucky Gem: Topaz / Flower: Carnations

Capricorn: detail-oriented, intelligent and hardworking. / Element: Earth / Ruling Planet: Saturn / Spirit Color: Dark Blue  / Lucky Gem: Lapis Lazuli / Flower: Pansy

Aquarius: imaginative, idealistic and intuitive. / Element: Air / Ruling Planet: Uranus / Spirit Color: Sky Blue / Lucky Gem: Amethyst  / Flower: Orchid

Pisces: creative, sensitive and artistic. / Element: Water  / Ruling Planet: Neptune / Spirit Color: Sea Green / Lucky Gem: Moonstone / Flower: Water Lily

2022 Zodiac Calendar – Size A4 (21×29.7 cm) – All the illustrations were originally painted with ink fine liners, watercolor and black Indian ink on watercolor paper.