Mr. Musette




Illustrations created for the 2019 Inktober Challenge. Illustrations are A3 size on mix-media paper. Koh-I-Noor drawing ink used.

Day 1-5 prompts: Ring, Mindless, Bait, Freeze, Build

Day 6-10 prompts:  Husky, Enchanted, Frail, Swing, Pattern

Day 11-15 prompts:  Snow, Dragon, Ash, Overgrown, Legend

Day 16-20 prompts: Wild, Ornament, Misfit, Sling, Tread

Day 21-25 prompts: Treasure,Ghost, Ancient, Dizzy, Tasty

Day 26-30 prompts: Dark, Coat, Ride, Injured, Catch

Day 31 prompt: Ripe & Tarot Cards: Judgement, The Sun, King of Coins, Ace of Cups

The illustrations were included in the 2020 Mr. Musette Calendar and all the process was filmed. You can check out the videos on my Youtube Channel.