Mr. Musette



The “Illustrated Songs” is one of my first illustration series started in 2014. The main ideea was to get inspired by some favorite songs and change them in illustrations.

Title: Heartbeat
Inspiration: Nneka – Heartbeat
Title: Last Dance
Inspiration:  Indila – Dernière Danse
Title: Wolf and I
Inpiration:  Oh Land – Wolf & I

Title: Perfume
Inspiration: BOGGIE – Nouveau Parfum (FR) – Parfüm (HU)
Title: Iron Soldier
Inspiration: Woodkid – Iron
Title: Faces
Inspiration: The D.O.T. – In The Mirror You Can Only Kiss Your Mouth
Title: Black Beauty
Inspiration: Lana Del Rey – Black Beauty
Title: Afterlife
Inspiration: XYLØ – Afterlife
Title: Charisma
Inspiration: Magna Carta Cartel – Sway​​​​​​​
Some of the song illustrations at Cluj Design Days exhibition in 2017, Cluj-Napoca.