Mr. Musette




Illustrations inspired by the Hungarian Folk Tails.

The Garabonciás and the Sárkány (Dragon).

Garabonciás is a supernatural person similar to wizards. He is holding a book, knocks at the door of houses asking for milk or eggs.If he do not receive these products, he wispers a spell from the book and he summons the dragon, riding on his back over the village and destroys the rooftops or rips out all the trees.
The Sárkány (Dragon) in the Hungarian culture is a weather demon. It was believed that snakes and fishes which lived seven years in swamps become dragons.

Isten és Ördög.

Isten (God) is the main creator, lord of the world, the supreme controlling being. He is who helps on need, but he also punishes. These general qualities may be the characteristics of a general concept of God, regardless of origin (pagan-Christian) can be found in Hungarian cultur too.
The Ördög (Devil) is also involved in the creation of the world. He created the creatures which are causing disconfort, as fly, lice, flea, etc. He’s home is the hell.

A szépasszony known in english as nymphs.

They are yong, beautiful women with long hair and usualy they are seen in groups along abandoned trails, crossroads, bridges, ditches or lakes. They love singing, playing music, bathing, sometimes having big dance parties or lunches. They are able to fly and change shape.Those who disturb their party, get on their way are plagued with illnesses: paralysis, silence, insanity, foot injury. At the same time, good nymphs can save a man in danger (eg, drowning in a lake).
And the second mythical creature is the deer (szarvas).The Hungarian magical deer is a leading animal and is a symbol of fertility and speed.

The witch (boszorkány) and the wolf (farkas).

The witch was considered to be the servant of the Evil, with whom she made a fertile pact to destroy humanity. In some cases the witches could shapeshift in wolf too. The witches used snakes, frogs and other crawling animals, and some different plants to make poisons and potions.


The lidérc is the demon of Hungarian mythology, which has three features that can be highlighted: the appearance in the form of fiery or flame, sexuality and had also helper function.According to the folklore he lives with his master as her lover, its human form has goose legs, is an evil spirit, the cause of lies, bad thoughts and violence. In Latin the male form is known as incubus and the female form as succuba.


The markoláb is the hungarian version of the werewolf, is a mythical creature devouring the celestial body, and is attributed to the sun or moon eclipse. At the eclipse of the sun or moon, this being “eats” the celestial bodies and after that vomits it. In general it wasen’t tied to any fizical form, but when needed to be discriebed, it was as a hairy animal like a dog or wolf.

Illustrations were included in the 2020 Mr. Musette Calendar.