Mr. Musette




The Fantastic Creatures illustration series is a personal project where the main inspiration were the creatures from the mythology.

Title: Formed Reality (cover illustration for the series)

Title: Leucosia the Seirene of Sorrento

Title: Sphinx the daughter of Chimaera

Title: Medousa the deadly Gorgone

Title: Krotos, the Satyr of Mount Helikon

Title: Eurytion, the leader of Centaurs

Title: Skylla, the Strait of Messina’s sea-goddess

Title: Asterion, the minotaur from the labyrinth of Crete

Title: Aello, the harpy of sudden

Title: The Tanagran Triton of the Sea

Some of the Fantastic Creatures were exhibitit at Kaja Tanya, Cluj-Napoca in 2018. Mr. Musette exhibition powered by ZAIN.