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I am a freelancer professional illustrator for almost 10 years now. In general I create digital vector art, but sometimes I also pain with acrylics or watercolor.

In the past few years I concentrated to develop my illustration style, build my portfolio, create my own illustrated products and promoting myself locally.

For my first video I decided to show you some of my sketches. So this is not a sketchbook tour. Almost every time when I create an illustration first I draw them on paper. Some of them are personal projects and some are commissions for different clients.

I do not usually draw in sketchbooks for several reasons. One of the reasons is that I like to draw on large sheet of papers, this way I can add as many details as I want easily. Drawing on individual papers, is much easier to scan them. And the main reason why I do not use a sketchbook is because always I have the stupid idea to draw everything nicely, and in the end to have a beautify sketchbook. But I know that the sketchbook is not all the time about beautiful drawings. It should be about experimenting, doodling and stuff like that.

As you maybe already saw, sometimes I don’t finish all my sketches. One of the exemples is when I integrate in my illustrations decorative frames or borders. Most of the times it’s enough to draw only one side of the border. After I scan the drawing, I can easily copy that part in photoshop, flip it and put it in the unfinished space. This way I manage to save some time especially when I work with deadlines.

All the illustrations were redrawn and colored in adobe illustrator. You can check them out on my website or on my social media accounts. You can find the links in the video description. Also if you liked my first video, don’t forget to subscribe to be notified every time I upload a new one.

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